Bel Air Retro meubilair van Jolina Products

Jolina levert retro meubels aan de horeca en particulieren die hun inrichting in fifties of jaren 50 stijl willen.

Retro Barstools

1950s bar stools in bel air style

No 1950s style American diner is complete without retro bar stools. Our Bel Air bar stools lend that extra bit of fifties or sixties atmosphere to your business. Naturally, you can also use our bar stools in your home, to complete the look of a 1950s inspired living room or kitchen. The bright colours of our vintage bar stools lend a colourful and retro vibe to your American diner, restaurant, café, or home. Transport yourself back to 1950s America with our Bel Air furniture, and imagine yourself in the age of hamburgers, diners, Marilyn Monroe and rock ‘n’ roll.

Interested in retro bar stools?

Our bar stools are available for both catering businesses and private individuals. Our high-quality furniture is priced to sell, because we manufacture the retro bar stools in our own factory. Download our brochure for more information or contact us for a showroom appointment

Bel air bar stools

No 1950s style restaurant or café is complete without our Bel Air bar stools. In addition, the bar stools are perfect for a living room or kitchen. Create a unique fifties vibe in your business by combining Jolina Bel Air bar stools with American burgers and Elvis Presley crooning in the background.

Diner bar stools with chrome finish

The shiny chrome finish is frequently seen in our tables and chairs, but these metallic elements are also a very striking part of the classic diner bar stool. It is these chrome elements that complete the 1950s American look.

Become a fifties bar stool dealer

Want to join the ranks of our fifties Bel Air style bar stool dealers? We would love to help you expand your assortment. For more information, contact us at 020 4965038 or set up an appointment in our showroom.

Customer service

Bel Air bar stools perfectly complement a seating are, bar or table in fifties design. For more information on a matching fifties interior, contact us at 020 4965038 of fill in the contact form. We are happy to help you with advice on the best combination of products for you.