JOLINA - Manufacturer of Belair-Furniture.

JOLINA PRODUCTS is the manufacturer of the Belair-Furniture collection. With over 30 years of experience in transforming restaurants and private homes into stylish fifties interiors. Our collection is sold at over 50 retailers throughout Europe. Please visit our new BelAir brandpage for a full overview of the BelAir-Furniture collection.

Retro Booths

Exclusive diner booths in american diner style

If you want to offer your guests the full 1950s experience, then your business should not be without these typical retro booths. Our diner booths are available in various types and sizes. And most models also come in any of nine different colours. The diversity of these diner booths allows you to mix-and-match them at will to create your desired 1950s interior. The cover booth and quarter circles are very suitable for a cosy seating area, for example, whereas the bigger booths are ideal for larger groups.

Interested in retro booths?

Our booths are available for both catering companies and private individuals alike. Our furniture in produced in-company, allowing us to guarantee consistently high quality. Download our brochure for more information or contact us for a showroom appointment.

Relive the fifties with our bel air booths

Our extensive assortment of furniture for your retro booth includes retro sofas, corner elements, and tables. All pieces are designed in the American diner style: a 1950s trend. Characteristic of the American diner are its bright colours, chrome elements, and tight lines. Thanks to the wide range in available colours, the American pieces combine very well.

Fifties booths in bel air design

Our selection of retro booths lets you easily create the fifties look in your own home or restaurant. By combining retro furniture, you can transport your interior back in time. The tight lines and wide range of colours are reminiscent of the 1950s era of Marilyn Monroe, hamburgers and rock ‘n’ roll.

1950 booths in 9 colours

Our 1950s booths can put a colourful stamp on any interior. Our retro furniture is available in various colours including yellow, blue, black, white, brown, red, and pink. You can customise your American seating area to your wishes: a square table with a diner sofa on one side and retro seats on the other; a round table with lounge seats; or a corner table with retro booths. Combine retro seats, bar stools, sofas and tables to create a one-of-a-kind seating area.

Customer service

Download the brochure for more information on our retro booths. Want to learn more about our Diner Sofas? Then contact us by phone at 020 496 5038. For advice on your own 1950s interior, contact one of our consultants for an appointment using our contact form.