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JOLINA PRODUCTS is the manufacturer of the Belair-Furniture collection. With over 30 years of experience in transforming restaurants and private homes into stylish fifties interiors. Our collection is sold at over 50 retailers throughout Europe. Please visit our new BelAir brandpage for a full overview of the BelAir-Furniture collection.

Retro furniture

Stylish bel air furniture with fifties look

Jolina Products offers a wide range of retro furniture for both catering industry and private individuals. Our retro Bel Air furniture shows real 1950s and 1960s appeal, and lends a characteristic 1950s US look to any interior. Our assortment is characterised by bright colours, the use of metal elements, and high quality. All our retro furniture can be combined into a coherent whole for your business. We want to help you in designing the best possible American diner, restaurant, or home.

Our comfortable diner seats make excellent dining room seating. The combination of our Bel Air seats and a fine hamburger lets you offer a unique American experience to your guests. Moreover, our 1950s seats are also a welcome addition to any office or waiting area. The chrome trim and recognisable bright colours lend the seats a unique 1950s look.

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Recreate the unique atmosphere of an American diner in your home or restaurant using our diner bar stools, and take that little step closer to the world of rock-’n-roll, hamburgers and Marilyn Monroe. A characteristic feature of the fifties bar stools is their chrome trim combined with bright colours: this is what lends our bar stools the ultimate fifties look. Our Bel Air bar stools are typical of the US circa the 1950s, and are manufactured in-company.

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Our range of diner booths comprises retro booths, 1950s sofas, and comfortable armchairs. The diner sofas look as though they have come straight from a 1950s American diner. The retros sofas and booths exude a 1950s style, and are very easy to combine with our other American inspired furniture thanks to their straight lines and variety of available colours.

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A 1950s sofas is the ideal addition to any 1950s interior. These diner sofas take you back to the feel of the American 1950s, thanks to their chrome legs and typical 1950s colours. They also offer wonderfully comfortable seating and combine easily with other sofas or furniture in our retro range.

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Bel Air tables are the ideal addition to any 1950s interior. These tables make you feel as though you have gone back in time to the 1950s, thanks to their deluxe aluminium trim and chrome legs. We offer sizeable diner tables which can seat large groups, and compact tables which can be used to create a cosy dining nook. Our assortment of 1950s tables include dining tables, standing tables, and lounge tables.

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Bel Air furniture in fifties look

Mix-and-match with our extensive range of retro furniture. As the pieces are all in the same fifties style, our Bel Air furniture is easy to combine. Match a retro table with a sofa, for example, or add a vintage booth to a dining table to create additional seating.

1950s style furniture

Furniture in the 1950s was known for its striking colours and chrome elements. Add to that a splash of rock- ‘n-roll, a staff dressed up in retro clothing, and American staple foods like hotdogs, fries, and hot wings for a true 1950s restaurant. Our 1950s furniture is available in various retro colours so you can finetune your interior to match your home or catering business.

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To make the American fifties style even more popular, we want to join up with companies in the home and interior industry. Do you own a webshop or store where you sell retro furniture, for example? Then expand your range with our fifties furniture and offer your customers a unique 1950s experience.

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