Stylish bel air furniture with fifties look

Jolina Products offers a wide range of retro furniture for both catering industry and private individuals.

Retro sofas

American diner sofas in 1950s style

Bring back the 1950s with our retro sofas! These sofas transport you to an era of partying thanks to their chrome feet and typical fifties colours. This makes them a perfect addition to any fifties interior. Our retro sofas not only look gorgeous; they are also wonderfully comfortable. Thanks to the wide range of available colours, they are easy to combine with all furniture in our range, letting you combine them into an inviting retro seating area. A place where your guests can enjoy their food, drinks, and leisure time.

Interested in retro sofas?

Our retro sofas are suitable for catering businesses and private individuals alike. Contact us if you want to take a look around our showroom or download our brochure for more information.

1950s sofas in various designs

Our 1950s sofas come in various designs and colours, suitable for any style. We offer diner sofas and armchairs; both wonderful additions to catering businesses and living rooms alike. Our furniture is made in our own factory in China. This allows us to keep a close eye on the quality of our products, which are priced to sell.

Fifties sofas for your restaurant

Diner sofas are excellently suited to outfitting your restaurant, hotel, or café. The sofas are made in the style of the 1950s American diner. Use Bel Air style sofas to create an inviting retro seating area for your guests to enjoy food, drinks, and leisure time.

Dress your home in a fifties look with a bel air sofa

Bel Air sofas are perfect for any interior thanks to their availability in seven different colours: from black and brown to red and blue. Whether your interior is modern or classically oriented, Bel Air sofas are suitable for any home. And particularly if you are designing your interior in fifties or Bel Air style, what could be a better addition than a fifties sofa? Our retro sofas combine very well with our retro booths, bar stools, and tables.

Combining and inspiring

Our retro diner sofas are inspired by the furniture of the 1950s American diner. Think of bright colours, metal elements, and the fifties Bel Air look. Combine our diner sofas with other products in our range, such as booths, bar stools and tables. Have a look at our gallery for inspiration for your home or catering business.

Customer service

Apply for our brochure and find out more about Jolina’s retro sofas. Do you have questions or comments, or would you like our advice on a retro interior? Call us at +31 20 496 5038 or fill in the contact form.